I've worked on many films over the years; click on the images below to watch some of my work. A lot of my films belong to other organisations and as such cannot feature here. If you're hoping to see a particular style of film please get in touch, my film making experience is broader than these films.

A recently released a feature Length Documentary I've worked on (premiered in UK and Europe) various cinemas in East Midlands and UK. now on the BBC i player "Brotherhood: The Inner life of Monks"

A two camera talking head Interview setup in the studio.

CinemaScope filming For a Digital Cinema Print test

Leicester's Bring the paint festival 2019

Mobile handheld filming during an public event. Leicester's Diwali Lights Celebrations.

Location filming and editing (Created Compilation as a Classroom Resource)

Location filming and editing

This Video Was Created for Navrang Arts to accompany an exhibition called "6000 Lights: The Story of Diwali in Leicester", which took place at Leicester's New Walk Museum.