Video Space Hire (with Lighting, Camera Kit & Prompting)

A perfectly formed flexible studio space

Infinity curve, green screen facility with kinoflo Lighting and autocue qmaster prompter. Ideal for engaging directly to the audience (viewer) and many more creative looks options with hourly rate pricing structure only pay for what's used. A creative space with full accessibility in Leicester City Centre. Contact me about your next project idea.

A Green Screen Example in the Studio

Teleprompter Service

If you’re arranging a shoot, in a studio, your office or another location, an auto-cue (prompter) provides valuable support for presenters and speakers of every level of experience.

Teleprompting is now an integral part of a professional production shoot. Cutting costs across the board, with short rehearsal time, instant script changes without disturbing the camera or messing about with tablets. faster retakes and a reduction in post production time.

I can offer the on-camera prompting technology. My teleprompters come in a variety of sizes and can be used with all types of cameras from a DSLR to large studio cameras and everything in between. They fit on the same tripod as the camera, making it easier to achieve fast location changes for different contributors. Mounting the teleprompter directly in front of lens gives the impression that the presenter is addressing the viewers (audience) directly.

My prompters are compact yet comfortable to read from 20 feet away. it can also be mounted on on a separate stand off camera, which is useful for shooting content such as off-camera eye-line interviews, as well as (prompt lines for an actor)

I also have lightweight prompters for going handheld or mounting on a gimbels, all can be either mains or battery powered.

I use Qbox system with Qmaster software from Autocue.

Also option of multi-language prompting system.

Contact me for your next project.